Dawn Bruce

Living in Sydney, Australia
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wintry days
her old heart
well shuttered

Frogpond 35:3 2012



tumbles across the sky

baby's laughter


Kokako 17 September 2012


raked garden

thoughts circle

upon circle


Kokako 16 April 2012


under a crescent moon curve of her back



Evening Breeze , an anthology from the inaugural Janice Bostok Haiku award 2012



a flow of shadows

along the river


equal first prize, moonrise and bare hills, Jack Stamm haiku anthology 2010


rose tinted sky ...

with blue-tipped fingers

a busker plays his flute


Paper Wasp Vol 18,No. 3, Spring 2012


village tea-room ...

the lean

of dried flowers


Paper Wasp Vol 18, No.3, Spring 2012


midnight silence

the carousel horses



FreeXpresSion Vol. XIX-Issue No.5 May 2012


cold morning

the clatter of tea cups

into their silence


Acorn, No.27 Fall 2011


white cranes

across the sunset ...

a long way to nightfall


Presence 44 June 2011


pearly grey dawn

my new year resolution

in a magpie's song


 tree-lined stream, Jack Stamm haiku anthology 2011


summer sands

shadows gathered

in heels marks


Ambrosia, Issue 5 summer 2010


the flutter

of two yellow moths

sunlit weeds


Magnapoets, issue 9,January 2012


another morning

the sparkle of dewdrops

on burnt stubble


Presence ,#43 January 2011



devour the seedlings

moon-silver path


Shamrock, No.18, 2011