Jim Kacian

Born 1953 in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
Living in Winchester, Virginia, USA
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new to the group –
sitting in back with
the artificial plants

prune juice 1 - Winter 2009


dimming the glow of minnows my shadow

GDS, 2010


aurora a long night of poems

GDS, 2010


Holy Week –
the votive gives up

2nd Prize—Odzaci Contest, 2003


nothing to buy summer


a cloud
bigger than the sky –
spring longing

2nd Prize—Kusamakura International Haiku Contest, 2003 (Arima's First Choice)


dusklight I am of two minds

Whitelotus, 2007


shifting clouds –
a school of minnows
becomes one shine

South by Southeast 10:1


pleasantly drunk fireflies come out of the moon

1st Honorable Mention—Kaji Aso Haiku Contest, 2006


just past mauve –
paddling hard
for a dark shore

1st Prize—Ukia Haiku Contest, 2007


the gray of the stone church the same as the graves morning rain

South by Southeast 10:1


gathering balls
in the last light –
end of summer

The Baseball Haiku Anthology


midsummer heat
a dragonfly dips her mate
into the pond

Lily Pond Anthology


down the mountain –
the bumpy flight
of the falcon’s shadow

Border Lands


old map
the whole country
one color

Cranach City Anthology; Border Lands


first frost
the hard set
of her mouth

Commended New Zealand Poetry Society Haiku Contest, 2006


air bubbles
in lake ice
the shortest day

Honorable Mention—Robert Frost Haiku Contest 2006; HSA Members' Anthology, 2006


a scraped knuckle
barely bleeds

Honorable Mention—Basho Contest, 2003


bread soaks up
the last of the soup—
farewell meal

World Saijiki 2003  Shimizu Haiga Border Lands


how it slides
off the tongue

Mariposa 7


snow falling
all the directions
of the air

First Prize—Winter Moon Awards
Semi-Finals—Ito En Contest, 2014


rain on snow
how it absorbs

Boston Prize—Kaji Aso, 2005


thumbprint left
in the candle wax—
August heat

Haiku: Poetry Ancient & Modern


sundown trolling the whole way in

Notes from the Gean 1:1


a spatter of rain starts up
and stops

Mariposa 9


driving behind
the garbage truck
summer deepens

Kernels Online 1:1


televised war—
how slowly light comes
around the world

Simply Haiku 2; A-Bomb Memorial 37 Selection Haiku Reality Website


summer dusk
a tinge of red
in the tomatoes

Haiku Reality Website; LA (Irish newspaper ed. Gabriel Rosenstock), 2004


the rain the same as the summer air twilight

Terebess Asia Online


Easter break—
returning to the place
where salmon return

1st Prize Hawaii Education Association Contest, 2006


nightingale sings his throat open

Notes from the Gean 1:1


city morning
a crane lifts its shadow
up the wall

Simply Haiku Vol. 1 No. 2, 2003


i hope i’m right where the river ice ends

 Frogpond 35:2




the large gone and in its place empty

Roadrunner 13.1



it won’t end
and it won’t get better—
crow’s caw


almost too dark to see bats




catch and release
a little shine left
on my fingers

the heron's nest XIV:1


her words inventing another piece of my mind

roadrunner 11:2



no nillies without willies the wild tornado night




older than god
the cave mouth
to hell

roadrunner 11:1


the earth mother and always some question who’s the father

Haiku North America Anthology 2011



out of place just in time

palimpsest - Red Moon Press, 2011


a maw with feathers spring




somewhere becoming rain becoming somewhere




night rumblings
heavy freight being moved
in the dark



no there there dark matter



waiting for the now thunder when the time comes