Alegria Imperial


chilled walls (a series)


first train run the warbler's dwindling diet of ice


round my prayers a skirt of marble veins


into a pink root a hammer on carried walls


knots in my beret to a bagel shop


silent crane on Broadway anguished over bedded stones 


a hump colors the homeless man


hard rain trill the deacon’s soaked collar


fraying her Chihuahua’s eyes purple nails


his blackened lips the flame beggars


bones 4, a journal of new haiku, June 2014



a llama chewing on prophetic words winter drizzle 


Prune Juice April 2014

invidious the moth isn’t

onionson the twelfth bracket…yes

cattails, inaugural issue, Dec 2013


in a glass the restless dusk

haiku news sept 5, 2013 vol 2 no 28





a paper cup the dried up fountain


heaving quay the club gatherer’s moon


the closest I am to the sky fog


tea rings in my cup the rippling darkness



Under the Basho 2013



meteor dive a deaf mute’s dance


Kernelsonline July 2013



his stud pearl earring about a seahorse

Bones, July 2013



slumbering moon the half-covered beach


from ‘moon on the sea’, a one-line conversation with Gary Blakenship
LYNX XXVIII: June 2013




palm reader's eyelashes my fortune in a hat pin


Daily Haiku, Cycle 13 (October 2012-March 2013), Feb 23, 2013




as needed to plumb the darkness night dew


Daily Haiku, Cycle 13 (October 2012-March 2013), Jan 09, 2013




summing up the stars fallen leaves



Daily Haiku, Cycle 13 (October 2012-March 2013), Nov 28, 2012

Bilingual haiku in Iluko/English (translations by author into English from Iluko of northern Philippines, one of four major languages in 84 dialects of the archipelago) 




dagiti nakumikom a karnero

prasko ti lulualo



a flock of sheep

in a flask of prayers



Lakeview International Journal of Literature and Arts Vol.1., No.2., August 2013


agiririawamartinez itiadayo napisi nga torre



the distantscreamofcrows broken tower



Lakeview International Journal of Literature and Arts Vol.1., No.2., August 2013



agtalnakala koma't bassit



dawn spasms

if you could but settle

down my moon



Lakeview International Journal of Literature and Arts Vol.1., No.2., August 2013



nakabaklay kaniak ti napilay

nga Apo Init



perched on my shoulder

a lame sun


panaglunag ti niebe--

agririn dagiti billit 

gapu ken Apo init



sun sparks a row

among the wrens



kernels 1:1 April 2013


sabsabong ti sardam

agararudoken kas mabain

ti duduogan a bulan



dawn flowers—

creeping away as if shy

the old moon



 kernels 1:1 April 2013


ranitrit dagiti kawayn

iti baet ti danarudor didaya--

arko ti kanta dagiti bulilising


bamboo creaks

between a roaring in the east--

an arc of bird song



kernels 1:1 April 2013



iti kapanagan

sabsabong ti sardam



on the riverbank

dawn flowers



LYNX XXIV: February 2009



iti tengga’t aldaw

ararasaas mo



at high tide

your whispers



LYNX XXIV: February 2009


bulan nga


nagpakada kadi?


setting moon

in the east

did you say goodbye?



LYNX XXIV: February 2009



a pagay

tedted ti lulua



pulled strands

of rice grain

tear drops



LYNX XXIV: February 2009


dagiti bulbulong

nga agtataray

lenned diay laud




of leaves




LYNX XXIV: February 2009


padaldalapus a siit--

iti karabukobko pampanunot

a nakabalud



resistant thorn

in my throat imprisoned







agan-aningas dagiti bul-bulong

iti nasao a bannawag


a rustling…

the leaves on watch

for rumored dawn





agtinnag a sao

iti dakulap ko ti agbaliw-baliw

a sennaag ti kalgaw



fallen words

on my palm the shifting hues

of summer nights





stretching its neck

as if to measure our sky…



Editor’s choice, Sketchbook ‘pond life’ kukai, March-April 2012


pine strand

flailing in night sky—

the first low star


(originally published in Lynx XXIII 2008)
The Haiku Foundation Haiku app Data Base 2012



our shrinking shadows touch—

harvest moon


haiku bandit society
September 2011 Dottie Dot Awards



in bare willow trees

the shape of longings


The Haiku Foundation per diem (daily) Feb 2012



we've left unsaid--

Indian summer


First Place, kigo category
July 2011 Shiki kukai


turtle pond

a girl shares unshelled



February 21, 2013
One of seven in a four-week run of 28 as contributing poet at DailyHaiku’s Cycle 14 October 2012 to March, 2013


how a poet

bends the summer wind…

day lilies


Kernelsonline July 2013 1:2 Summer issue


buhos ng mga bituin ang mga lila na naulanan


a profusion of stars after-rain lilacs


(bilingual with Iluko one of four major in 87 Philippine dialects)
Kernelsonline July 2013 1:2 summer issue


tomorrow still a house of knives


Bones 1:1 December 2012


spring rolls...

grandma unwraps

my childhood


The Mainichi Daily, June 19, 2013
Selected by Isamu Hashimoto



i once swallowed

a moon pie


Prune Juice June 2013



a restless dream

stalks the moon


moongarlic ezine 1:1, May 2013


moss bed

a moonbeam sits

on my lap


A Hundred Gourds May 2013


still pond—

not a hole in the sky

I swallowed


Notes from the Gean, March 2013