John McManus


story hour

we fall further down

the rabbit hole


Bottle Rockets 28
New Resonance 8


horse tail clouds

the smallest cowboy

leaps on my back


Frogpond 35:2


seeing where the snow is lying naked in her arms


Multiverses 1:1
New Resonance 8


she pulls me back inside first snow


Multiverses 1:1
Nothing in the Window (The Red Moon Athology Of English-Language Haiku 2012)



alone I return a shell to the sea


Modern Haiku 44.1
New Resonance 8


twilight lengthening her pauses


Bottle Rockets 27, New Resonance 8


just when I can't keep pretending your ghost


Bones 3


leaves falling into the earth we commit his body


The Heron's Nest, Volume XIV, Number 3 


beneath the street lights the shapes the rain makes of us


The Heron's Nest, Volume XV, Number 2


80 foot down the echo of a canary's song


Modern Haiku 44.1


piercing the fog the minotaur's horns


A Hundred Gourds 3:1



wild horses I forget about being


Bottle Rockets 30


we dismantle

the unused crib . . .

starless sky


A Hundred Gourds 2:4


funeral morning

I join my son inside

his time machine


Acorn 31
Fear of Dancing (The Red Moon Anthology Of English-Language Haiku, 2013)


shopping mall Santa

the bald boy asks

for more time


Bottle Rockets 29


father asks

if it's time to go . . .

cricket song


The Heron's Nest, Volume XIII, Number 3


crayon map

my son shows me the way

to Neverland


The Heron's Nest, Volume XIV, Number 1



my child's grip

starts to loosen


The Heron's Nest, Volume XIV, Number 2


talk of life

on distant planets

wild lupine


The Heron's Nest, Volume VIX, Number 3


winter fog

an old man turns back

into a tree


The Heron's Nest, Volume XIV, Number 4


nudist beach

I smooth the wrinkles

from my wet suit


Acorn 29


a box of ghosts on the edge of my bed moving day


Modern Haiku 43.3



freshly cut grass—

the uniform he died in

sways in the breeze


Modern Haiku 43.3


in the lake and beyond the lake the mountains and the moon


Frogpond 35:3



backstroke the sound of my mother's womb


Haijinx IV:1




we float deeper

into dusk


Tinywords 11.3


instant coffee

my neighbour and me

set the world to rights


A Hundred Gourds 1.4


Alzheimer's ward

even now he knows

just what to say


Mayfly 53


funeral home feeling nothing about feeling nothing


Modern Haiku 43.2



hands cupped to catch the last of the summer rain god


Bottle Rockets 27