Lauren Mayhew


shooting star

my wish for

an unhurried life


Heron’s Nest Volume XIII, Number 2: June 2011


beach cottage

the musty smell

of old novels


Heron’s Nest, Volume XIII, Number 4: December 2011


moonless night

the yellow face

of a steeple clock


A Hundred Gourds, 1:2 Spring 2012


starless night

the small comfort

of tree lights


bottle rockets, 14:1, summer 2012


first cold day

the cat kneads

a patch of sunlight


Heron’s Nest, XIV:2, June 2012


first warm day

the hum

of Harleys


Heron’s Nest, XIV:3, September 2012


swing and a miss

the radio announcer’s voice

drowns out the rain


Heron’s Nest, XIV:3, September 2012


city bus

a diversity

of ring tones


Frogpond 35:3, Fall 2012


September dusk

fading light

through monarch wings


bottle rockets #28, Winter 2012


purple hues

in her silver hair

autumn twilight


Modern Haiku 44.1, Winter/Spring 2013


spring breeze

a wisp of hair

escapes her burka


Award Credit: Runner Up, The Haiku Calendar Competition, 2013
Publication Credit:  The Haiku Calendar 2014 (Snapshot Press, 2013


tree lighting…

for a moment

I forget to grieve


Acorn #30, Spring 2013


garage sale

a leaf spins onto

the stack of 45s


Frogpond 36:2, Spring/Summer 2013


Korean market

she gives me my change

with both hands


Prune Juice, Issue 10, July 2013


another bout of his mood swings sand in my flip flops


Bottlerockets, Volume 13, #2