Pat GeyerPat Geyer

Born 1951 in Newark, NJ, USA.
Living in East Brunswick, NJ, USA


this island,
as if the dragonfly…

Akitsu Quarterly Premiere Issue 2014


spring thunder . . .
juncos flee
to the north

Akitsu Quarterly Spring 2016


twelve thirtyish tolls
o're the tropic of cancer...
noon day sun stands still

Pure Haiku June 2016


almost monday . . .
why this watch is surely
two days slow

Cattails Premier Edition: January 2014



missing you . . .
this moon abandons
the night

brass bell: a haiku journal  December 2015


sing at dawn sing at dusk when women were birds

brass bell: a haiku journal  March 2016


morning . . .
night slips off
the dark

Best of Mijikai Haiku 2013


nest robber
you boast a rugged ruff . . .
this fish crow

Simply Haiku  Summer 2013


gnarled oak
planted long ago . . .
many battles

Gnarled Oak Inaugural Issue 2014

autumn . . .
maples hold their arms
in arabesque



in the quiet
of my dreamless sleep . . .
this chorus song


roundwound . . .
spider strings quiver
in the riffs