Anna Cates


sunlight gleaming through
a fish bowl of beach glass
remembering waves


desert places
where Jesus cursed
a fig tree

Poetry Quarterly 22 (2015) & The Meaning of Life (Cyberwit Press 2015)



wandering gull 
shadowy evening shaking
the sea farther away


spring dream
the flower bucket
full of rain


willow thicket
beside the old strip mine
a flycatcher calls

50 haikus 8 (2015) & The Meaning of Life (Cyberwit Press 2015)



pushing up
through misty dawn
whistles of grass


scent of spring rain
the purple alliums
wind tottering


today’s news
a bitter seed
in a grapefruit slice

Ginyu 67 (20 July 2015) & The Meaning of Life (Cyberwit Press 2015)



cloudless sky
mystery valentine
in the mailbox


the cosmos
open with rain—

Three Line Poetry 33 (2015)



flea market
a wooden Indian
missing war paint

Sonic Boom 3 (August 2015)



heat of the day
fattening on the sidewalk
my shadow


fresh scents
honey bee wild flowers
buzzing, buzzing


county fair
a taste of elephant ears
beside the blue tent


I upset a little soil
tomato planting


passion or hate
a fashionable pastime
49 bottles of beer . . .

Ink Sweat and Tears (August 2015)



brook song
the forsythia’s
first yellow buds


at the muddy end
of a walking stick
wild oats

Hedgerow 42 (August 14, 2015)



winter sunset
the old Bing Crosby songs
Dad used to sing

Hedgerow 43 (August 14, 2015)



thrift store scent
a mint green shirt
missing buttons

Hedgerow 44 (August 14, 2015)



power outage
only the crickets

Hedgerow 48 (Sept 16, 2015)



yellow-billed cuckoo
weaving song
into summer sunlight


lonely dawn
a hoodie on a park bench
wet with dew

Hedgerow 51 (Oct 17, 2015)



just because
cold beach
at 3:00 a.m.

Hedgerow 52 (Oct 24, 2015)



woodland shade
a fawn’s lips poised
over red berries

Hedgerow 55 (Nov 14, 2015)



déjà vu
tiny whorls
of starlight

Asahi Haikuist Network (Summer August 21, 2015)



muted neighs—
the country fair scent
of corn dogs

Heron’s Nest (September 2015)


October twilight
white pines fogged with lake water
a distant chain saw

Haiku Journal 39 (2015)



peppermint gum—
beneath a pink sky
the fallen sun

“Behind the Tree Line,” Wild Plum Journal (Fall/Winter 2015)



slowly descending
a black speck unfolds
its legs

Indian Kukai (Sept 21, 2015)



peace moon
the milky taste
of saffron rice

European Quarterly Kukai (Sept 18, 2015)



acorn seedling
thrusting through damp loam—
wood thrush

Mainichi (Sept 18, 2015)



apple moon
in swirling starlight
cider scents


muggy dusk
hidden in cattails
frog song

Cattails (September 2015)



wet rock
stranded at low tide
a spotted octopus



Modern Haiku 46:3 (Autumn 2015)



white pines
a moose hovers over
the reflective murk

Asahi Haikuist Network (October 2015)




summer sunrise
a neighbor feeds chickens
beside the white pine


purple verbena:
shrine to the wisdom
of bees


heat wave
bird droppings
on the mailbox

Ginyu 68 (October 20, 2015)


dark pearl
the wet tongue
of an oyster

Frogpond 38.3 (Autumn 2015)



red rock
tumbleweeds roll
the cloudless sky

Atlas Poetica 23 (Autumn 2015)



mulberry leaves
evening rain soaking
cricket song

Shamrock 32 (2015)



moonless sky—
on the dark street
a lighter flicks on a face

A Hundred Gourds (Dec 2015)



barren limbs
above wet gravestones
a dirge of crows

small claim
the court house
shaded by oaks

Three Line Poetry 35 (2015)



cold window
black coffee
& tax forms

Indian Kukai (2015)



Amazon steals—
an empty Simon & Garfunkel
CD case

Sonic Boom (December 2015)



earth rhythms
the crickets serenading
a full moon

World Haiku Review (June 2015)



the sound of wings
made of air


spring breeze
the rainbow colors
of bird songs

Under the Basho (2015)



sickle moon
merlin wing beats stir
summer starlight

European Quarterly Kukai (Dec 2015)



Christmas lights
I put the shadows
behind me

First place winner, Caribbean Kigo Kukai (Dec 2015)