S.M. Kozubek

Born 1947 in Evanston Illinois, USA
Living in Sarasota, Florida, USA

After retiring from practicing law, S. M. Kozubek devotes more time to writing haiku and other poetry, plays, flash fiction and other works. He also leads writing workshops. His poems have appeared in ICON, Journal of Modern Poetry, Frogpond, A Hundred Gourds, Prune Juice, bottle rockets, Skylark, Atlas Poetica and other anthologies.


mortgage overdue—
tent caterpillars
in the cherry blossoms

A Hundred Gourds, September 2014


I collapse on the gurney . . .
in dreams
riding Rosebud again

A Hundred Gourds, September 2014


fog surrenders
            to blue
the surgeon's eyes

Frogpond 38:1 - 2015


under the stars
       the cold bites my lungs
         inhaling constellations

bottle rockets, no. 32, 2015


before the moon sets
kiss me

bottle rockets, no. 32, 2015


October dusk
   leaves drift
   to other leaves

A Hundred Gourds 4:1, March 2015


startled on the path
a sandhill crane and I
     pop up our heads

A Hundred Gourds, June 2015


the egret's white wings
                     above the tent
                     revival meeting

A Hundred Gourds, June 2015


wildflowers color
the hilltop meadows . . .
open air art

The Inn at Honey Run Haiku Path installed summer 2015


early frost
a cicada
serenades itself

Frogpond 38:2, 2015


        to branch bird

bottle rockets, no. 33, 2015


spring training
the manager decides this year's
                        sunflower seeds

bottle rockets, no. 33, 2015


for the sun
the buds

A Hundred Gourds 4:4, Sept. 2015


some light
just reaching me
Christ on the mountaintop

A Hundred Gourds 4:4, Sept. 2015


ALS, the doctor says...
at each bend of the river
     another bend

A Hundred Gourds 5:1 Dec, 2015


as the funeral cars depart
the widow steps inside
and draws the shades

A Hundred Gourds 5:1 Dec, 2015


five recipes
for baked beans

A Hundred Gourds 5:2 March, 2016


at summer's turn
the fragrance
of seasoned wood

bottle rockets, no. 34, 2016


on the sill
a dazed fly buzzes
winter recess

A Hundred Gourds 5:3, June 2016


harvest moon
sliding her fingers across
his stationery

Frogpond, 37:1, 2014


chipmunks scurry
beneath dried leaves—
our secrets

HSA Mineral Point anthology: 2012


lovers' tryst
waiting forever
for the moon to set

bottle rockets, no. 30, 2014


roads draped in ice
the winter she slipped
Frogpond, 35:2, 2012


lights of the city
fireflies winking

Frogpond, 36:2, 2013


garbage pickup—
morning rays warm
the confessional

Frogpond, 37:2, 2014

kneeling at the altar

the smell of incense...
my father’s casket

The Sacred in Contemporary Haiku, 2014



the earth from
my grandparents' garden

Frogpond, 36:2, 2013


my dog and I
smelling thyme

Prunejuice, July 2014


before yoga class
cell phones

Prune Juice, July 2015


spring training
ball players stretch
their winter escapades

Mayfly 59: 2015


last chemo
my doctor
rustles his papers

Acorn Fall, 2015