Elmedin Kadric

Born 1990 in Novi Pazar, Serbia
Living in Helsingborg, Sweden
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making small talk . . .
the gravel path
to the graveyard
Modern Haiku Volume 45.2, Summer 2014


the weight
of bobby pins
autumn rain

Modern Haiku Volume 45.3, Fall 2014


driving home –
nobody to hold
the ashes

Prune Juice Issue Fourteen, November 2014


how it's plucked out of the daisy love

Frogpond 38.1, Winter issue 2015


dandelion clock
the time it takes
to fall in love

A Hundred Gourds 4:2, March 2015


her origami bird
I learn
by unfolding

The Heron's Nest Volume XVII, Number 1, March 2015


undressing me
with their eyes

Prune juice Issue Fifteen, March 2015


after nature another headstone

Under the Basho, 2015


to bee
or not to bee
wild aster

bottle rockets, Issue 33, 2015


graveyard shift
the leftover radish
tumbles in the lunch box

Editor's Choice, Heron's Nest Volume XVII, Number 3, September 2015