Dave Read

Born 1970 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada


autumn dawn
the apple tree
ripe with robins

A Hundred Gourds  5:1


morning commute
the horizon bright
with headlights

A Hundred Gourds  5:2


she divides
by zero

Bones  9


a gust
through the windsock
morning chill

brass bell  Nov. 2015


between lanes
night fog

cattails  Sep. 2015, Editor's Choice (haiku)


wilderness trail
he wanders off the edge
of his map

Frogpond  38.3


butterfly effect
the children stop
to watch

Frogpond  38.3


night winds
I let her go
to voicemail

Frogpond  39.1


of it's cage
of ribs

Modern Haiku  47.1

tinywords 15.2


children's zoo
the first exhibit
my kids

cattails  Jan 2015, Editor's Choice (senryu)