Marshall Bood

Born: 1980 Indian Head, Saskatchewan, Canada
Resides: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Bio: Marshall Bood’s haiku, senryu, haibun, tanka and tanka prose have appeared in many journals and anthologies since 2010. He has also published longer poems and flash fiction.


90th birthday party —
Grandpa adds
more salt

The Heron’s Nest Volume XIV, Number 3: September 2012

Adolescent Unit —
the blind girl asks
if I am handsome

Acorn #35 Fall 2015

winter persists —
she shakes
her nail polish

Acorn #31 Fall 2013

icy sidewalk ...
a grey line of pigeons
above the underpass

bottle rockets #27 Summer 2012

streets sparkle —
the white dog follows
the path in the snow

bottle rockets #27 Summer 2012

valley summer —
shale breaks
in our hands

bottle rockets #28 Winter 2013

winter night ...
the dog buries his bone
in the couch

Shamrock 25 2013

pigeons on the billboard advertising nothing

bottle rockets #34 Winter 2016

insomnia ...
a crow caws

bottle rockets #32 Winter 2015

summer afternoon —
the saxophone busker
takes a drag

The Heron’s Nest Volume XIV, Number 2: June, 2012

dirty bus windows going to a movie

Modern Haiku 43.3 Autumn 2012

summer night —
a window shuts
on our conversation

The Heron’s Nest Volume XIX, Number 1: March 2017

crow caws
in all directions ...
the endless traffic

The Heron’s Nest Volume XII, Number 4: December 2010

cars parked
in the snow ...
alarms blinking

bottle rockets #37 Summer 2017