Michael Flanagan

Born 1947 in the USA
Currently live in Minnesota, USA
I live in Minnesota with Lady, my lovable mutt.  I fly fish and write short poems to fill out my life.


cobwebs in the loft
the rope we used to swing on
when we flew like birds

Heron’s Nest Volume XVIII, Number 3: September 2016

cornflower blue
shawl draped over the barn door
Morning Glories

Three Line Poetry #39 2016

the mare nips
at the farrier’s ponytail —
autumn chill

Heron’s Nest Volume XIX September 2016

broken stones
honey bees and hollyhocks
pioneer cemetery

Mayfly Haiku Magazine #61 Summer 2016

last quarter moon glows
and points out Alpha Librae
like any proud parent

Dancing On The Window Sill NOOK Press 2017