Irina GuliaevaIrina Guliaeva

Born 1991 and residing in Moscow, Russia

Irina writes poems, prose, plays, lyrics of songs and translate poetry of English, Italian and Russian authors. From age of fourteen has been working as a journalist. In 2015 graduated from Literature institute named M. Gorky.
She has a page of her work in the Living Senryu Anthology.


longing for New Year
a star on the top
of the maple-tree

Under the Basho 2018, Modern Haiku, 10 September 2018

autumn stroll
each leaf
pretends a frog

Haikuniverse, 21 September 2018

coming Halloween
granddad is not strong enough
to cut a pumpkin

Haikuniverse, Halloween Haiku, 31 October 2018

Autumn birthday
The first guests
Are leaves

The Mainichi, 26 November 2018

late October
pear-tree saves for me
only rain

Autumn Moon Haiku Journal, Fall/Winter 2018

morning breeze
a pine needle is sewing
a cloud

Frogpond Journal 42.1 winter 2019

in the store room
a jar of apricot jam

The Mainichi, 15 January 2019

different ways
to the same end

The Mainichi, 15 February 2019

first rain
just a money charm
in the wallet

The Mainichi, 20 March 2019

a black-and-white movie

The Mainichi, 11 April 2019

windless day
between the maple twigs
a plane

Haikuniverse, 24 April 2019

cherry petals
wedding dress
she once started to sew

The Mainichi, 26 April 2019