Marcus Liljedahl



the fallen plums stained

by the drizzle


Haijin Italia, issue #11 2013


late spring

a train slows down

into rain's stillness

Chrysanthemum, issue # 14, 2013


antique shop

the icon painting

still filled with bliss

Chrysanthemum, issue # 14, 2013


deep winter

monet's garden blooms

in the art book store

Chrysanthemum, issue # 14, 2013


young ballerina

after a gracile exit

she swears terribly

Ershik, Senryu and Kyoko Journal, editor's choice, January 2013


line in the sand
another wave shows me
the way things are

tinywords 13:3



the crowded stillness

of a sunflower field


java for two

the increasing heat

between us


starlit night

the vultures gather

by the red carpet


a seagull’s cry

in the sailors voices

rustling canvas


winter graveyard

a fresh snow angel

by the exit


autumn rain

the patter of leaves

enter my solitude


ballet premier

a swan by the stage door

having a smoke