October 7, 2013


"A Voice to be Heard."  That's a poet - a person who writes from an unknown, undefined place within their creative presence, memorable poems that dwell in the ether of poetic consciousness.

The Living Haiku Anthology team is collecting and documenting many of the finest haiku today (by living as well as departed poets).  In the journal, hundreds of published as well as older, unpublished poems of talented poets are presented for leisurely reading, serious study and research, and posterity.  Poets' histories, talent, and poetry are being savored (and saved) for generations to come!

Most often, we can only read a haiku or two from any particular poet - but nothing extensive.  Of course, books are terrific and there are numerous excellent ones available; yet, not necessarily from each author we might have an interest in.  And, frankly, where do we go to read "up-and-coming poets"?  It has always been clear that "new on the scene" does not auto-equate to less than splendid poetry!  Emerging poets often bring out startling and fresh ideas.  They are a perfect balance to the seasoned, well known professionals that continuously present superb haiku with deep, fulfilling resonance.  Presented together, in this living, organic anthology - a magnificent "dream-library" - are notable poets as well as emerging ones from all walks of life, languages, perspectives, and countries.

Submit your best haiku, published works, older writes, and share with readers your creative beauty and essence:  share with them your words of wisdom and insights; and, share with them your heart.

Welcome poets!  Welcome readers!


Editor in Chief