October 11, 2013


The Living Haiku Anthology continues to grow.  Each day brings new poets who further expand our collection of superb haiku. Thresholds are being crossed as unity emerges amongst poets of different languages, countries, and poetic voices.  We are together exclaiming, "Here are our poems, here are our voices — here is our collectivity for the world to celebrate!"

It's exciting!  At our fingertips, thousands of haiku in their variant styles are available for all of us to gain deeper understanding of poets' voices and hearts.   The haiku resonate; the Living Haiku Anthology resonates.  There is an unfolding sense of satisfaction by everyone involved — a sigh of contentment, so to speak, embodied in a sense of knowing that all of us have done our best to make the Living Haiku Anthology an engaging home for haiku and the poets who craft their words behind the scenes.

Thank you to each and every single poet for contributing to such an adventure!

Editor in Chief