Don Baird Reads A Selection Of His Haiku


between pages memories pressed

each rose the wind leaves behind

powder across the pines across

dropping petals a rose leaves town

daydreaming how quickly my mind

shy moon —
a touch of you
in the mist

near the edge
the loneliness
of the moon . . .

warped bamboo —
an effigy turns

storm drain —
the vertical axis
of winter

into a leaf
winter turns

— an old bear;
slowly through the marsh
into the stars —

Don reads his haiku as selected by Dr. Richard Gilbert; In a Day, 2014, USC Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena, CA
Haiku — the Interior and Exterior of Being, Little Buddha Press, 2014


nagasaki . . .
in her belly, the sound
of unopened mail

HaikuNow, 2013, 1st Place

raining shadows . . .
the spring moon between

sacred spring . . .
leaves dazzle in the wind
of a bassoon

silence cracked;
the pine borrows
a crow's caw

whispering . . .
the butterfly's
unusual path

radiation . . .
the unexpected depth
of silence

shoreline . . .
the translucent sunset
of a child