Neelam Dadhwal Reads A Selection Of Her Haiku

spring fields...
one more line
on the farmer's palm deepens

Honorable Mention Under The Basho 2014 contest

far kitchen...
the scent of the garden
fresh thyme

Writers & Lovers Cafe Spring 2014

full moon...
barking at every silhouette
my dog

Writers & Lovers Cafe Spring 2014

the setting sun
in the deep fog
a little early

Writers & Lovers Cafe Spring 2014

distant valley
a tune occupies my mind
rising moon

cattails May 2014

cutting raingrass
a young woman leaves
a daisy

haiku part of haibun "Trips to Himachal Pradesh" March 2014 Haibun Today

following you wherever you go these clouds

your eyes
open and close at the same time...
the horizon

distant shores I swim in the deep waters

what is left
of the separation
a new tide

19/02/2014 Daily Haiga

on the horizon
the separation of two birds
on two branches

22/01/2014 Daily Haiga

Mars sighting--
getting cold feet
in autumn morning

Asahi Haikuist Network 11/15/2013

open room window
waft of fresh cone of pine tree
growing beyond hill

Haiku Journal #19, 2013

perching on the log
grains of sand by river side
as fine as his life

Haiku Journal #19, 2013

on a long way
with me in the dark night
these fireflies

cattails #1, 2014

एक दूर रास्ते में
मेरे साथ अंधेरी रात में
ये जुगनू

an icebreaker--
by fire my daughter nurses
my frosty bites

World Haiku Review, January 2014

to each other...
our silence

World Haiku Association, 115th haiga contest, 12/2013

staying with me
the pebbles and the twigs
from a river trek

Contemporary Haibun Online 9:4, 2014

autumn twilight
the sun peeps through
saffron fog

a rain drop
stumbles on a leaf
- an emerald

till sunrise
walking in the dawn
my silent talk