Jim Kacian Reads A Selection Of His Haiku

i hope i’m right where the river ice ends
Frogpond 35:2
the large gone and in its place empty
Roadrunner 13.1
it won’t end
and it won’t get better—
crow’s caw
almost too dark to see bats
catch and release
a little shine left
on my fingers
the heron's nest XIV:1
her words inventing another piece of my mind
roadrunner 11:2
no nillies without willies the wild tornado night
older than god
the cave mouth
to hell
roadrunner 11:1
the earth mother and always some question who’s the father
Haiku North America Anthology 2011
out of place just in time
palimpsest (Red Moon Press, 2011)
a maw with feathers spring
somewhere becoming rain becoming somewhere
night rumblings
heavy freight being moved
in the dark
no there there dark matter
waiting for the now thunder when the time comes