Stephen Bailey Reads A Selection Of His Haiku

river fog –
a nameless ache
fills the page

Frogpond 35.3 Autumn 2012

last rites –
I watch her eyes
let go of me

The Heron’s Nest September 2012

night of stars . . .
a child tiptoes
in the shallows

Notes From the Gean 4.1 June 2012

morning prayer . . .
an orchid absorbs
the sound of bees

Multiverses 1.1

tattered crow
flying at half-mast . . .
this chill wind

Simply Haiku Autumn/Winter 2011

the voice of God . . .
Bethells Beach

Simply Haiku Autumn/Winter 2011

waning light –
the sea too flickers
with fire

Simply Haiku Autumn/Winter 2011

spring tide . . .
one godwit still
in flight

Simply Haiku Autumn/Winter 2011

eye contact . . .
we breathe this mist
in silence

Simply Haiku Autumn/Winter 2011

moon viewing . . .
a slit of cloud
parts her eye

Simply Haiku Autumn/Winter 2011

autumn dusk . . .
the descent of light
into its past

from a haiga - Simply Haiku Summer 2012

just for today
the blossom that was
never mine
Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival 2013 Haiku Invitational International Sakura Award

mountain wind . . .
what hunger is this
howling leaves?


see it dance
entranced all its life –
a mayfly!


loosens sunlight –
drip by drip

imagine that . . .
the night unfolding
between stars

bread of life . . .
light enters through
a wormhole

fallen night . . .
the apparition of moths
weaving dreams

waiting room –
shadows lengthen
the queue

river fog –
the murmur of
fetal dreams

A haiku series, with Japanese translations by Ikuyo Yoshimura
and Greek translations by Constantine Fourakis
presented in a Zoe Savina collage in Simply Haiku - Summer 2012