Ramesh Anand Reads A Selection Of His Haiku


cold face of the river i bend to kiss her

A Hundred Gourds, 5:1, December 2015


new moon —
the last smokes
of the campfire

Haiku Presence, #53, 2015


herdsman's call –
the cowbells marching
from the horizon

Modern Haiku, volume 46.3 Autumn 2015


in every drop of rain drop of full moon

A Hundred Gourds, 5:1, December 2015


lake sunrise
a duckling sets off

Frogpond, 2014


night drizzle
the village awaits
the baby's birth

Acorn, #35, Fall 2015


cherry blossoms how calmly we have fallen apart

Frameless Sky, Issue 3, 2015


spring cleaning
the shelves
of boxed grudges

Modern Haiku, volume 47.1, winter spring 2016


peak hour –
a flock of sparrows passes
the evening moon

Honorable mention, International Matsuo Basho Award 2014


glow of light
from the hilltop hut –
shooting star

The Heron's Nest, Volume 17:1, March 2015


on the lake wrinkled face of wind

moongarlic, Issue 2, May 2014


festival wind
the street child relights
a bottle rocket

3rd Prize, Raedleaf Poetry Contest 2013


autumn wind
mother re-braids
her unreal hair

19th Mainichi Contest International Winner 2015


autumn ripples broken pieces of mother

moongarlic, Issue 6, 2016


in and out of a seashell autumn light

IRIS Little Haiku Contest Winner 2015