• Baranski, Johnny

    Johnny BaranskiJohnny Baranski

    Born 1948 in Chicago Illinois, USA
    Died 2018 in Vancouver, Washington, USA

    A memorial tribute to Johnny Baranski is archived on the Haiku Northwest website

    You may listen to the poet reading these poems here


  • Domburg-Sancristoforo, Anna Maria

    Anna Maria Domburg-SancristoforoAnna Maria Domburg-Sancristoforo

    Anna Maria Domburg-Sancristoforo was born in 1948 in Genoa (Italy), but she lives in the Netherlands (The Hague), where she worked as a university lecturer in Italian language and culture at Leiden University.
    She writes haiku, senryū, tanka both in Italian and English. Her work has been published in international magazines, blogs and (e-)journals.
    Last year she received an honorable mention at the 73rd Basho Memorial English Haiku Contest.
    Blog: https://ventodelgiorno.wordpress.com/

  • Doppler, Janice

    Janice DopplerJanice Doppler

    Born 1948 in USA
    Living in Massachusetts, USA

    Janice is a retired public school teacher and administrator. Stardust, her debut collection of haiku and haibun, was published by Phacops Publishing in 2021. 



  • Ôi, Tsuneyuki (大井恒行)

    Ôi TsuneyukiÔi Tsuneyuki (大井恒行)

    Born 1948 in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan

    Attended Ritsumeikan University night school, in Kyoto. Although he wasn't a member of any sectarian group, he was committed to the Ampo protests of the 1970s. In his Junior year, he dropped out of school and went to Tokyo to become a writer. Today he is a member of the Modern Haiku Association and the Japan Writers’ Association. He is a judge of the Modern Haiku Association Awards for New Poets. He is also President of the National Bookstore Workers, and the Workers Union Connection Council.

    Translations into English by Richard Gilbert & Ito Yuki (Gendaihaiku, 2014)


  • Stevenson, John

    John StevensonJohn Stevenson

    Born 1948 in Ithaca, New York, USA
    Living in Nassau, New York, USA
    The Heron's Nest website 
    Upstate Dim Sum website 
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  • Whitman, Neal

    Neal Whitman

    Born 1948 in Boston Massachusetts, USA
    Living in Pacific Grove, California, USA
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