• Cummins, Máire Morrissey

    Maire Morrisey CumminsMáire Morrissey Cummins

    Born 1958 at Waterford, Ireland

    Máire is Irish. She was born by the sea and continues to live by the sea in Greystones, Co. Wicklow, the “Garden” of Ireland. She started writing haiku in 2010. She joined the Irish Haiku Society and Haiku Ireland. She contributed to Shamrockmagazine and to the Irish Haiku Society competitions and was published on a regular basis. She was part of the Irish Haiku publication, Bamboo Dreams. She was published by Presence, The British Haiku Society, by AHA or Lynx Journals with Jane Reichold, Daily Haiku, Wednesday Haiku, Acorn, Frogpond and A Hundred Gourds. Currently she contributes to Wales Haiku Journal and to a number of foreign print and online journals. She loves nature, her garden, she paints and writes daily in her retirement.

  • Limbach, Eva

    Eva LimbachEva Limbach

    Born 1958 in Germany
    Living in Saarbrücken, a German town near the French border. Since 2012 she has been writing haiku, senryu and sometimes haibun.


  • Thunell, Carrie Ann

    Carrie Ann Thunell

    Born 1958 in USA.

    Carrie Ann (CAT) Thunell has had poetry and/or art published in over 75 print magazines.

    She was editor of the Nisqually Delta Review, which ran for 3 years. Her haiga has been on Simply Haiku, and Haigaonline. Ms Thunell has been published in several of Robert Epstein’s haiku anthologies.