• Barber, Collin

    Collin Barber

    Born 1974 in Memphis, Tennessee, USA
    Living in Marion, Arkansas, USA
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  • Boyer, David

    David Boyer

    Born 1974 in Pennsylvania, USA
    Living in Stamford, CT., USA
    I had written poetry (badly, lazily) for most of my life. It was in finding haiku, and the brilliant and supportive community of modern haiku poets, that my work started to come into focus.

  • Kostadinova, Nadejda

    Nadejda KostadinovaNadejda Kostadinova

    Born 1974 in Sofia, Bulgaria.
    Residing Sofia, Bulgaria.

    Nadejda Kostadinova came back to writing after a long break in 2017. Getting to grips with the modern poetry she also encountered haiku and got fascinated by its depth and brevity. Since then, her work has been published in various online and printed magazines and has been awarded honorable mentions and prizes in competitions.