• Boazu, Oana Aurora

    Oana Aurora BoazuOana Aurora Boazu

    Date of birth : 29.09.1978
    Place of birth: Craiova city,Romania
    Present place of residence: Galati city,Romania
    Blog: http://www.haikumine.blogspot.com

    I began writing haiku in 1999 and since then, it has became a way of living. I’ve graduated from Cybernetics but, for me, writing haiku was enriching my personality; like taking a photo, I want to capture the moment and keep it inside for as long as I can.


  • Castaldi, Erin

    Erin Castaldi

    Born 1978
    New Jersey, United States

    Erin is a writer who became devoted to the pursuit of haiku theory and poetry during her travels around the U.S. She lives in southern New Jersey with her husband and two basset hounds. They operate a small business and are restoring a nineteenth century farm house.


  • Gardiner, Tim

    Tim Gardiner

    Born 1978, United Kingdom.
    Currently resides in UK.

    Dr Tim Gardiner is an ecologist, poet and children's author from Manningtree in Essex, UK. His haiku have been published in over 100 print and online magazines and he has been widely anthologised. His first collection of haiku, On the Edge, was published by Brambleby Books in 2017.

    Webpage: http://www.essexfieldclub.org.uk/portal/p/Insect+poetry


  • Mazurkiewicz, Anna

    Anna Mazurkiewicz

    Born 1978 in Chelm, Poland
    Living in Chelm, Poland

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  • Tennakoon, Anusha

    Anusha Tennakoon

    Born 1978 in Sri Lanka
    Living in Osaka, Japan
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  • Whyte, Dick

    Dick Whyte

    Born 1978 in Auckland, New Zealand
    Living in Wellington, New Zealand
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