• Adow, Kwaku Feni

    Kwaku Feni AdowKwaku Feni Adow

    Born 1988 in Atonsu-Nsuta, Ghana.
    Living in Akosombo, Ghana.

    Kwaku is a writer, poet, teacher and student from Ghana, currently pursuing a degree in one of the country's University. He describes himself as a lover of literature and music.
    Blog: https://witwriteblog.wordpress.com
    For biographical information on Kwaku Feni Adow, see the Haikupedia article: https://haikupedia.org/article-haikupedia/kwaku-feni-adow/


  • Duffield, Roy

    Roy DuffieldRoy Duffield

    Country of birth: UK
    Year of birth: 1988
    Current place of residence: Barcelona, Spain
    Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Personal blog: https://drinkingtraveller.com

    Roy is a man of few words. Said words can be read in Heliosparrow, Quadrant, Failed Haiku, The Crank, Mamba, postscript, Akitsu Quarterly, Silver Storkand The Journal of Wild Culture.