• Boazu, Oana Aurora

    Oana Aurora BoazuOana Aurora Boazu

    Date of birth : 29.09.1978
    Place of birth: Craiova city,Romania
    Present place of residence: Galati city,Romania

    I began writing haiku in 1999 and since then, it has became a way of living. I’ve graduated from Cybernetics but, for me, writing haiku was enriching my personality; like taking a photo, I want to capture the moment and keep it inside for as long as I can.


  • Ifrim, Clelia

    Clelia Ifrim

    from Bucharest, Romania


  • Iulian, Dan

    Dan IulianDan Iulian

    Born: 1955, Obirsia Olt, Romania
    Living in: Bucharest, Romania
    Contact: dan_iulian09 (at) yahoo (dot) com

    Dan Iulian (pseudonym of Iulian Ciupitu) is a retired engineer. He loves the arts, nature and travels. Since 2011, he meets the world of haiku and joins of the Romanian Kukai Group. Prizes for haiku in English, French, Italian and Romanian languages. Publications in country and abroad.


  • Kray, Lavana

    Lavana KrayLavana Kray

    Lavana Kray is from Romania.
    Over the years, she has won various prizes in haiku and tanka competitions. The World Haiku Association awarded her the title of Master Haiga Artist. Her work has appeared in many print and online publications, as well as in Haiga Exhibitions organized by the World Haiku Association in Japan and Italy. She currently serves as editor of Haiga at Cattails (UHTS).
    She has published three photo-haiku books and one tankart collection.


  • Kray, Lavana

    Lavana Kray

    Lives in Romania


  • Voicu, Steliana Cristina

    Steliana Cristina Voicu

    From Ploiesti, Romania