• Škrgulja, Vida Pust Pust Škrgulja

    (1952 - 2021)


    Vida Pust Škrgulja was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 1952. She graduated in Latin and History of Art from the Department of Philosophy at University of Zagreb, and spent her working years as a teacher of Latin and Arts in high schools in the towns of Ivanić-Grad and Križ, Croatia. Beside her teaching career and family, being a mother of four daughters, she spent her time on a number of activities, promoting arts and culture. By founding the association Amici hereditatis (Prijatelji baštine; Friends of heritage) in Ivanić-Grad, she started the process of founding the first museum in this town and was its first director. Through the decades she set up a number of exhibitions for local artists.

    Škrgulja started writing haiku in the 1970s and was among the first haijin in Ivanić-Grad.

    In 2003 together with Djurdja Vukelić Rožić and Stepan Rožić they inaugurated the Kloštar Ivanić Haiku Meetings (Kloštar Ivanić haiku susreti) and later in 2006 also founded the Haiku Association “Three Rivers” in Ivanić-Grad. Vida Pust Škrgulja was on the editorial board of the magazine IRIS and a judge for haiku and haiga contests. She wrote haiku in Croatian, Slovenian, Latin and English, and her work was featured in numerous miscellanies, anthologies and journals in Croatia, Slovenia, United Kingdom, USA and Japan. She has won several national and international awards as well. Vida Pust Škrgulja was bestowed Lifetime Achievement Award by the town of Ivanić-Grad in 2007. She died in Ivanić-Grad, Croatia in 2021.

    Book published:

    Sedam prozora / Seven Windows by Vida Pust-Škrgulja, Ljerka Poštek-Jelača, Djurdja-Vukelić Rožić, Marica Behtan-Cecelja, Franko Bušić, Stjepan Rožić and Robert Stipić. Ed. by Djurdja Vukelić Rožić, Kloštar Ivanić, Croatia: Agapa, 2002.

    Some awards and honours:

    • Encouragement Award, Ito-En, International Haiku Contest, Tokyo, Japan, 1997;
    • Third Prize, The International Kusamakura Haiku Competition, Japan, 2000;
    • Award (third choice), WHC R. H. Blyth Award, 2002;
    • Lifetime Achievement Award by the town of Ivanić-Grad, 2007.

    Selected works:

    snježno jutro
    u košari na polici
    proklijao češnjak

    snowy morning
    in the basket on the shell
    the garlic has sprouted

    (Encouragement Award, Ito-En, International Haiku Contest, Tokyo, Japan, 1997)

    lastavice lete
    nad ljetnom kućicom
    uhvaćenom u čaši vina

    swallows fly
    above the summer house
    caught in a glass of wine

    (Third Prize, The International Kusamakura Haiku Competition, Japan, 2000)

    obasjano suncem
    na plavome dnu ̶ stablo
    uz jato riba

    lighted by the sun
    on the blue bottom ̶ a tree trunk
    among fish

    (Letni časi haiku magazine No. 16, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2002)

    jutarnji vlak
    snježnim se ljestvama penje
    sve brže i brže

    morning train
    climbing the snowy ladder
    faster and faster

    (Award (third choice), WHC R. H. Blyth Award, 2002)

    dječji se smijeh
    u gitaru na zidu

    the children's laugh
    crept into
    the guitar on the wall

    (Sedam prozora/Seven Windows, joint haiku collection, Ivanić-Grad, Croatia, 2002)

    na dnu škrinje
    svežanj pisama i
    svilena vrpca

    at the bottom of the chest
    a bundle of letters and
    a silk ribbon

    (Blithe Spirit Vol 14 No 3, September 2004)

    na dnu srebrne čaše
    u staretinarnici
    tragovi crnog vina

    at the bottom of a silver cup
    in an antique shop
    stains of red wine

    (World Haiku 2006 No 2, WHA Japan)

    noć bez zvijezda
    u jednom prozoru
    treperi svjetlo

    starless night
    in one of the windows
    flickering candle-light

    (Shamrock, Issue 6, Focus on Croatia, 2009)

    umor večeri
    rasplinu se pogledom...
    zvjezdano nebo

    evening fatigue
    scattered in the gaze...
    a starry sky

    (To the memory of Vladimir Devidé, the Kloštar Ivanić Joint Haiku Collection, Croatia, 2011)

    stara singerica
    u ladici unuk sakrio
    svoje blago

    in the drawer of
    an old sewing machine
    my grandson's treasure

    (Igračke/Toys, post contest anthology, the Haiku Association „Three Rivers“, Ivanić-Grad, Croatia, 2017)

    starac, drščući
    u vrećama otpada
    traži darove

    a trembling old man
    in search of Christmas gifts
    through the bags with waste

    (IRIS No. 11, the Haiku Association „Three Rivers, Ivanić-Grad, Croatia 2017)

    Haiku translated by the author.


    - Anthologies Nepokošeno nebo/An Unmown Sky 1 and 2, Croatia, 2011 and 2018

    - IRIS International, Year 7th, No.7, 2021, Ivanić-Grad, Croatia

    This profile was created in collaboration with Djurdja Vukelić-Rožić and Zdenko Vanjek, who took the photograph. We appreciate their invaluable help in preparing Vida Pust Škrgulja’s biography.