Robert Bauer (1953-2012)


Robert Bauer lived in Big Wheeling Creek in West Virginia with his wife, Debra, and their three dogs. He worked as a carpenter and an electrician. He was a long time devotee of New Vrindavan where he was known as Bhokta, aka Robert Bauer. Robert often liked to write haiku, and he managed a haiku blog as his creative outlet. His haiku have appeared in numerous online and print journals and have won several awards. He also wrote haibun, free verse, tanka, haiga and all classic forms of poetry.

Robert Bauer’s haiku is part of the anthology “Haiku in English : the first hundred years” by Jim Kacian, Philip Rowland and Allan Burns, (New York ; London : W. W. Norton & Company, 2013). This anthology contains more than 800 poems that were originally written in English by over 200 poets from around the world. This collection for the first time tells the story of Anglophone haiku, charting its evolution over the last one hundred years and placing it within its historical and literary context.

Robert Bauer was co-secretary of The Shiki Monthly Kukai. The key post of kukai secretary was held by Gary Warner and Robert Bauer (January–April 2005), and Bauer and Jennie Townsend from April 2005. From 2010-2012 Robert was also a Web Editor at “The Heron's Nest”, a quarterly online journal founded in 1999.

Selection  of Robert’s haiku:

cherry blossoms
she tells me her name
in sign language



chill wind -

the heart of an oak

leaves the chimney


The Heron's Nest Volume VIII, Number 1


starry night . . .
remembering the first words
of my children



first snow
the gypsy slips some beans
into her mojo

New Resonance 5 Red Moon Press