• Farooq, Yasir

    Yasir Farooq

    born 1976 in Pakistan
    The journey of my English Haiku resumed in 2020. Several journals like Frog Pond, Bloo Outlier, Cold Moon Journal, The Asahi Haikuist Network, Failed Haiku and Prune Juice Senryu published my works. I was honored to have been nominated for Push Cart Prize by Cold Moon Journal in 2021.

  • Khan, Mohammad Azim

    Mohammad Azim Khan

    Born 1951 in Peshawar, Pakistan
    Living in Peshawar, Pakistan
    Azim Khan is a retired UN official and a graduate from Peshawar University with Master degrees in English Literature and Economics. He took to poetry writing during school days and recently developed special interest in haiku and tanka writing which are published in leading haiku journals.