• Andrelczyk, Mike

    Mike Andrelczyk

    Born 1982 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
    Living in Strasburg, Pennsylvania, USA
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  • Duc, Hélène

    Helene DucHélène Duc

    Born 1982 in Chauny, France.
    Living in Bichancourt, France.

  • Gatalica, Goran

    Goran Gatalica

    Goran Gatalica

    Goran Gatalica was born in Virovitica, Croatia, in 1982 and currently resides in Zagreb, Croatia.
    He finished both physics and chemistry degrees from the University of Zagreb and proceeded directly to a PhD program after graduation. He has published poetry, haiku, and prose in the literary journals and anthologies.


  • Sharma, Richa

    Richa SharmaRicha Sharma

    Born 1982 at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
    Presently residing at Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

    Richa Sharma is a double Post Graduate in Management and Business Economics and a qualified Assistant Professor in Human Resource Management. Apart from her keen interest in academics, she loves the world of literature and poetry. Her work has appeared in numerous online and print journals dedicated to Japanese short poetry since 2019 like Frogpond, the cherita, Presence, Akitsu Quarterly, Kingfisher, Failed Haiku, Drifting Sands Haibun, Under The Basho, Bones, Seashores, Wales Haiku Journal, #FemkuMag, Nick Virgilio Haiku Association, and others. She received an Honorable mention in Vancouver's Cherry Blossom Invitational Haiku Festival, 2021. For her, composing haiku is a great meditation technique that unites the mind with the heart in the enlightening moment.


  • Tiwari, Paresh

    Paresh Tiwari

    Born 1982 in Lucknow, India
    Living in Hyderabad, India
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