moonlit sky . . .
following his footprints
in sand
Modern Haiku, Vol. 45:3, Autumn 2014
election day . . .
voters brave the winds
of pollsters
Modern Haiku, Vol. 46:1, Winter 2015
at the thrift shop
a young man tries on
my father’s shoes
bottle rockets, #32, February 2015
Mother’s last breath . . .
my dog leaves us
Frogpond, 38:2, Spring/Summer 2015
after his death
the doghouse empty
by starlight
Acorn, No. 36, Spring 2016
my old mother tends daisies
telling stories about
my childhood
bottle rockets, #36, February 2017
night of his death . . .
one star dims
for each dream
Asahi Haikuist Network, Sept. 2, 2016
road between cornfields . . .
old amish couple’s buggy
long into sunset
Second Place, Traditional Haiku Category, Illinois State Poetry Society Annual Contest, 2017
from the open window
woodpecker . . .
punctuates my haiku
First Place, Modern Haiku Category, Illinois State Poetry Society Annual Contest, 2017
spring again . . .
awakening to the hum
of a tractor
First Place, Haiku Category, Illinois State Poetry Society Annual Contest, 2015

Ramesh Anand Reads A Selection Of His Haiku


cold face of the river i bend to kiss her

A Hundred Gourds, 5:1, December 2015


new moon —
the last smokes
of the campfire

Haiku Presence, #53, 2015


herdsman's call –
the cowbells marching
from the horizon

Modern Haiku, volume 46.3 Autumn 2015


in every drop of rain drop of full moon

A Hundred Gourds, 5:1, December 2015


lake sunrise
a duckling sets off

Frogpond, 2014


night drizzle
the village awaits
the baby's birth

Acorn, #35, Fall 2015


cherry blossoms how calmly we have fallen apart

Frameless Sky, Issue 3, 2015


spring cleaning
the shelves
of boxed grudges

Modern Haiku, volume 47.1, winter spring 2016


peak hour –
a flock of sparrows passes
the evening moon

Honorable mention, International Matsuo Basho Award 2014


glow of light
from the hilltop hut –
shooting star

The Heron's Nest, Volume 17:1, March 2015


on the lake wrinkled face of wind

moongarlic, Issue 2, May 2014


festival wind
the street child relights
a bottle rocket

3rd Prize, Raedleaf Poetry Contest 2013


autumn wind
mother re-braids
her unreal hair

19th Mainichi Contest International Winner 2015


autumn ripples broken pieces of mother

moongarlic, Issue 6, 2016


in and out of a seashell autumn light

IRIS Little Haiku Contest Winner 2015

George Swede Reads Three Haiku and a TankaGeorge Swede


tar pit an urge for immortality

only an eternal present jackhammer

the wasp's face
what friendship
can become 

Night hurrying
down the mountainside
to work as shadows
for the day –
I re-knot my tie

Rattle - vol.21 no.1 Spring, 2015


Hansha Teki Reads A Selection Of His Haiku

river fog –
a nameless ache
fills the page

Frogpond 35.3 Autumn 2012

last rites –
I watch her eyes
let go of me

The Heron’s Nest September 2012

night of stars . . .
a child tiptoes
in the shallows

Notes From the Gean 4.1 June 2012

morning prayer . . .
an orchid absorbs
the sound of bees

Multiverses 1.1

tattered crow
flying at half-mast . . .
this chill wind

Simply Haiku Autumn/Winter 2011

the voice of God . . .
Bethells Beach

Simply Haiku Autumn/Winter 2011

waning light –
the sea too flickers
with fire

Simply Haiku Autumn/Winter 2011

spring tide . . .
one godwit still
in flight

Simply Haiku Autumn/Winter 2011

eye contact . . .
we breathe this mist
in silence

Simply Haiku Autumn/Winter 2011

moon viewing . . .
a slit of cloud
parts her eye

Simply Haiku Autumn/Winter 2011

autumn dusk . . .
the descent of light
into its past

from a haiga - Simply Haiku Summer 2012

just for today
the blossom that was
never mine
Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival 2013 Haiku Invitational International Sakura Award

mountain wind . . .
what hunger is this
howling leaves?


see it dance
entranced all its life –
a mayfly!


loosens sunlight –
drip by drip

imagine that . . .
the night unfolding
between stars

bread of life . . .
light enters through
a wormhole

fallen night . . .
the apparition of moths
weaving dreams

waiting room –
shadows lengthen
the queue

river fog –
the murmur of
fetal dreams

A haiku series, with Japanese translations by Ikuyo Yoshimura
and Greek translations by Constantine Fourakis
presented in a Zoe Savina collage in Simply Haiku - Summer 2012

Sheila Windsor Reads A Selection Of Her Haiku

calling each other
the free owl and the captive
unable to sleep
First Place – The BHS James W Hackett International Award 1998
it’s getting late
every sound
might be you
Runner-up – still – The Haiku Award 1998
single wisp of cloud
vapour trail
somewhere a cricket
Runner-up – still – The Haiku Award 1998
finding the bathroom
by moonlight
the cry of the fox
Runner-up – still – The Haiku Award 1999
into snow the crow prints mine
First Prize – The Herb Barrett Award 2001
October sun
a warm greenhouse tomato
settles in my palm
Highly commended - Haiku Presence Award 2001
bedroom curtains
apart just enough
crescent moon
First Prize – Kaji Aso Studio 2001
also published Hawaii Education Assoc. Anthology
winter trees
each day
more sky
First Prize – The 6th Shiki Commemorative Kukai 2001
swaying and dancing
shadows of leaves
on the piano lid
The New Haiku – 2002
red balloon until there’s only blue
First Prize – The Herb Barrett Award 2002
also published: RAW NerVZ
if i spin this globe faster we merge youandi
The cover of RAW NerVZ – Spring 2002
with ink drawing by Mark Windsor
hoar frost
the dead spider drawn
into a star
Second Prize – The Kamakura Shrine One Verse Competition – 2004
fireflies the space between stars
Commended – Haiku Presence Award 2004
funeral day
the cherry blossoms
about to break
Honourable mention – Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival
Haiku Invitational 2008
lullaby. . .
a turtle tracks back
to the ocean
First Prize – The Svetlana Marisova Memorial Kukai 2012

Michael Rehling Reads A Selection Of His Haiku

where other trees
reach upwards
the willow
In the 2013 HNA anthology
clock shop
noon proclaimed
over and over
from  “How to Now: Listening to Haiku Poets" by Tracy Koretsky
pretending not to be there the whitetail and I
from a haiga in HaigaOnline
on a north wind
from a haiga in HaigaOnline
small twig in a raging river skipping the class reunion
from a haiga in HaigaOnline
in a split second
during a long thoughtful breath
I inhale a bug
Simply Haiku
breakfast kiss
----sharing the egg white
on our tongues
Simply Haiku
daring me
to follow it......
jazz riff
Prune Juice
at a friend’s grave
cancer rising
from “Astronomical Death” in Haibun Today
the clarity
of every single moment...
spring rain
the maple
has chosen today to turn
September 11
Modern Haiku
rose petals float
on our reflections
Notes from the Gean
shoreline gestalt… the stone in my sandal
Prune Juice 11 November 2013
early morning
chanting the heart sutra
to a butterfly
extracted from a haiga published on HaigaOnline
Brubeck on the juke
the waitress brings my beer
in 5/4 time
Simply Haiku

Jim Kacian Reads A Selection Of His Haiku

i hope i’m right where the river ice ends
Frogpond 35:2
the large gone and in its place empty
Roadrunner 13.1
it won’t end
and it won’t get better—
crow’s caw
almost too dark to see bats
catch and release
a little shine left
on my fingers
the heron's nest XIV:1
her words inventing another piece of my mind
roadrunner 11:2
no nillies without willies the wild tornado night
older than god
the cave mouth
to hell
roadrunner 11:1
the earth mother and always some question who’s the father
Haiku North America Anthology 2011
out of place just in time
palimpsest (Red Moon Press, 2011)
a maw with feathers spring
somewhere becoming rain becoming somewhere
night rumblings
heavy freight being moved
in the dark
no there there dark matter
waiting for the now thunder when the time comes

John Hawkhead Reads A Selection Of His Haiku


drifting mist
the swinging lantern
slowly disappears

Haiku Presence issue 34

staring into flames
     an old man and his old wife
their dancing shadows

Snapshots Magazine issue 3 (also Daily Haiga website)

pulling the bowstring
     against held breath
            wind in the yews

Snapshots Magazine issue 12

mist on far hills
her eyes in shadow
reflect the distance

Bare Bones magazine issue 8

skimming the surface
of a mirror flat sea
the full moon

Paper Wasp

cattle reflected
in the river’s meander
summer clouds

Acorn (2011)

after the service
we gather at the wake
raising spirits

A Hundred Gourds (Dec 2011)

late autumn haze
     a constellation of gnats
                        skywriting ampersands

Frogpond (Autumn 2011)

not a bird for days
yet somehow the seed feeder
completely empty

Bottle Rockets (Aug 2012)

summer thunderstorm
filling air with tension
she crosses her thighs

Chrysanthemum (Aug 2012)

fortieth birthday
     fastening my old belt
at a new hole

Haiku Presence issues 13 & 25 & Haiku Spirit

winter funeral
          we stand unbelieving
                  the cloudless sky

Haiku Ireland newsletter

snowflakes falling
on the child’s upturned face
the stillness of stars

Winner: Haiku Now! contest 2013 (traditional category) (the Haiku Foundation)

William Hart Reads A Selection Of His Haiku


trip’s end  
a glowing farmhouse                                      
niched in the milky way

Wildcat Road, Timberline Press, 2000

each nail       
grieves in its own voice                                    
leaving the wood

Wildcat Road, Timberline Press, 2000

hammer duet
echoes off                                                          
the darkening woods

Wildcat Road, Timberline Press, 2000


Wildcat Road, Timberline Press, 2000

album photo
on three faces                                                     
the same nose

Wildcat Road, Timberline Press, 2000

gone the summer dream
erased by rain                                                      
through the windowscreen

Wildcat Road, Timberline Press, 2000

ancient headstones
the names and numbers                                      
worn to mutters

Wildcat Road, Timberline Press, 2000

tag end of a summer
pulling weeds
barefoot in the rain

Wildcat Road, Timberline Press, 2000

cloud glutton
you swallow a mountain                                       
then fall asleep

Cloud Eats Mountain, Red Moon Press, 2013

a swaying branch
is all we know about                                              
the unseen bird

Cloud Eats Mountain, Red Moon Press, 2013

while we dreamed
a lily bloomed                                                          
in the gift bouquet

Cloud Eats Mountain, Red Moon Press, 2013

a severed dream
lingers into my workday                                           
listless mistakes

Cloud Eats Mountain, Red Moon Press, 2013

arrival gate
all those who aren’t her                                            
come out first

Cloud Eats Mountain, Red Moon Press, 2013

two boys
one butterfly net                                                        
no butterflies

Cloud Eats Mountain, Red Moon Press, 2013

uncut grass
bent low by dewdrops                                                
the burdens of love

Cloud Eats Mountain, Red Moon Press, 2013

Richard Gilbert Reads A Selection Of His Haiku

part icles of cha ng e le an h ar d on  on  e  b  lu e da  y  o      n

Roadrunner Haiku Journal, 13:2 (2013)

what became deeper of you i let in

Roadrunner Haiku Journal, 12:3 (2012)

running forever
spring after

Roadrunner Haiku Journal, 12:3 (2012)

about it on the beach by the trees two moments between that is

Roadrunner Haiku Journal, 12:2 (2012)

with you i the world
i feel there is more f

Roadrunner Haiku Journal, 12:2 (2012)

the girl brief. image
and truth. why and
why not. about it.

Roadrunner Haiku Journal, 12:1 (2012)

the blood
the horse i was, left
to the woods

Roadrunner Haiku Journal, 11:3 (2011)

as an and you and you and you alone in the sea

Roadrunner Haiku Journal, 11:2 (2011)

moon cradled you recall the voice of another I might be the distance

Roadrunner Haiku Journal, 11:2 (2011)

When you dream the inside
smoke between cypress trees

Roadrunner Haiku Journal, 10:1 (2010)

Stay with me
with the light out
and water glass

Roadrunner Haiku Journal, 10:1 (2010)

hungover — ignoble
Jerusalem —  cactus
pissing  —  the cats

Roadrunner Haiku Journal, 8:2 (2008)

dedicated to the moon
I rise
without a decent alibi

Noon: 1, 2004

a drowning man
pulled into violet worlds
grasping hydrangea

Noon: 1, 2004

Denis M. Garrison Reads A Selection Of His Haiku


spring forest
bare branches and blossoms
that awkward time

Hidden River by Denis Garrison

plowed fields—
an irrigator sends up
drifting rainbows

Hidden River by Denis Garrison

hidden river
the willows cannot help
but tell

Hidden River by Denis Garrison

frosted maples
blush in the heat
silent sunrise

Hidden River by Denis Garrison

deep night
the barred owl talks
to the moon

Hidden River by Denis Garrison

October rain—
the boulevard paved
in red and gold

Hidden River by Denis Garrison

dangling my feet
in this river once again
a turn of the wheel

Hidden River by Denis Garrison

in fading daylight
farmhands in silhouette
the fragrant hay bales

Hidden River by Denis Garrison

velvet black night
pulsing with frog song
and fireflies

Hidden River by Denis Garrison

ceaseless creaking—
the dry woods moan
in the night wind

Hidden River by Denis Garrison

all day
trickling snow melt—
noisy teapot for company

Hidden River by Denis Garrison

shifting its weight
lake ice booms in the night
the owls applaud

Hidden River by Denis Garrison

sparrows gather
within blue gray smoke
chestnut fragrance

Eight Shades of Blue, Denis Garrison

bits of trellis
deep within its coils—
grandfather's vine

Eight Shades of Blue, Denis Garrison

a tramp in my field
gazes at migrating geese—
so homeless and free

Eight Shades of Blue, Denis Garrison


Jack Galmitz Reads A Selection Of His Haiku

Space junk who’s going to clean it up

The Coincidence of Stars by ant, ant, ant issue 12, Autumn 2011

Let’s find a shell
strip it
and make a bed

The Coincidence of Stars by ant, ant, ant issue 12, Autumn 2011

We live in the dark the coincidence of stars

The Coincidence of Stars by ant, ant, ant issue 12, Autumn 2011

Where I’ve been I cannot say I’m him

The Coincidence of Stars by ant, ant, ant issue 12, Autumn 2011

Home an acorn on the floor

The Coincidence of Stars by ant, ant, ant issue 12, Autumn 2011

A prostitute
serves an acquaintance tea

The Coincidence of Stars by ant, ant, ant issue 12, Autumn 2011

Descendent of a star that coexisting

(not published)

A boy a stream at its source

Yellow Light: Ebook by GeanTree Press, 2013

The cat’s dream is vermilion

Yellow Light: Ebook by GeanTree Press, 2013

Vinyl piano sounds flat

Magic Writing Pad

Blowing leaves settled here

(not published)

Weeping     beach

Blow Out (Yet to be Named Press)

A trout rainbow

Blow Out (Yet to be Named Press)

a wormhole
without a hole

Blow Out (Yet to be Named Press)

Neelam Dadhwal Reads A Selection Of Her Haiku

spring fields...
one more line
on the farmer's palm deepens

Honorable Mention Under The Basho 2014 contest

far kitchen...
the scent of the garden
fresh thyme

Writers & Lovers Cafe Spring 2014

full moon...
barking at every silhouette
my dog

Writers & Lovers Cafe Spring 2014

the setting sun
in the deep fog
a little early

Writers & Lovers Cafe Spring 2014

distant valley
a tune occupies my mind
rising moon

cattails May 2014

cutting raingrass
a young woman leaves
a daisy

haiku part of haibun "Trips to Himachal Pradesh" March 2014 Haibun Today

following you wherever you go these clouds

your eyes
open and close at the same time...
the horizon

distant shores I swim in the deep waters

what is left
of the separation
a new tide

19/02/2014 Daily Haiga

on the horizon
the separation of two birds
on two branches

22/01/2014 Daily Haiga

Mars sighting--
getting cold feet
in autumn morning

Asahi Haikuist Network 11/15/2013

open room window
waft of fresh cone of pine tree
growing beyond hill

Haiku Journal #19, 2013

perching on the log
grains of sand by river side
as fine as his life

Haiku Journal #19, 2013

on a long way
with me in the dark night
these fireflies

cattails #1, 2014

एक दूर रास्ते में
मेरे साथ अंधेरी रात में
ये जुगनू

an icebreaker--
by fire my daughter nurses
my frosty bites

World Haiku Review, January 2014

to each other...
our silence

World Haiku Association, 115th haiga contest, 12/2013

staying with me
the pebbles and the twigs
from a river trek

Contemporary Haibun Online 9:4, 2014

autumn twilight
the sun peeps through
saffron fog

a rain drop
stumbles on a leaf
- an emerald

till sunrise
walking in the dawn
my silent talk


Marion Clarke Reads A Selection Of Her Haiku


 canal bank …
each cherry tree touching
its neighbour

Sakura Award winner in 2012 Vancouver Cherry Blossom Haiku Competition
International Category

storm on the lough
streetlamps on Seaview
lit by sunrise

Highly commended in Irish Haiku Society 2011 international Haiku Competition.
Published in ‘Bamboo Dreams’, the first national anthology of haiku poetry from Ireland

skinny dipping –
one small step to land
on the moon

Winner of Every Day Poets ‘Great Big Little Poems Competition’ 2012

turf in the air
the old man
returns home

inspired by Seamus Heaney’s ‘Digging’
Seamus Heaney – In Memorium, September 2013
Butterfly Dreams, NeverEnding Story, September 2013

midday heat still ticking abandoned bicycle

tinywords 13.2 September 2013

disused road roots resurfacing

tinywords 13.2 September 2013

holiday break up
her cheeks bruised
by the breeze

Burning Bush 2 literary journal, Issue 5 Summer 2013

riptide unable to help myself ...

tinywords 13:1 March 2013

turning tide...
a barnacle waits
on a limpet

Heron's Nest, March 2012

grandma's kitchen . . .
a star-covered teacup
for the gypsy lady

Frogpond, Autumn 2012

another winter . . .
my father’s garden seat
still creaking

A Hundred Gourds 1:3 June 2012

early dusk . . .
my children’s footsteps
fill the stillness

A Hundred Gourds 1:2 March 2012

Donegal summer—
sleet ticks off the window pane
then slaps it

A Hundred Gourds 1:1 December 2011

low winter sun
warming up a row
of chimney pots

Notes from the Gean 3:4

coffee and Danish –
the Mournes dusted
with snow

Irish literary journal, The Linnet’s Wings, Summer 2012

Ralf Bröker Reads A Selection Of His Haiku


sublime Botschaft
ihre Hand in seiner
wie sie kälter wird

sublime message
her hand in his
how it's getting colder

"VerSuch ... das projekt gendai haiku", 2013

unter meiner Haut
Säure ergießt sich
in den Fluss der Worte

under my skin
acid spills into
the river of words

"VerSuch ... das projekt gendai haiku", 2013

nach dem Ritzen
hört sie dem Schnee zu

having cut skin
she listens to snow

"Haiku heute", 2012

Roberta Beary Reads A Selection Of Her Haiku


airport lounge a bartender mutes the dead

Noon issue 6, 2008

in the teapot's crescendo north wind

14th Kusamakura International Haiku Contest  3rd Prize (2009)

red candle i enter your narrative

The Haiku Foundation's Facebook Haiku Contest  2010, winner

jasmine scent of the other woman is me

Modern Haiku 44:1 (2013)

needle juniper my dna on your pocket comb

Modern Haiku 43:3, 2012

lilies light
the light

12th Kusamakura International Haiku Contest 2nd Prize (2007)

autumn moon
her brain a tangle
of white string

1st prize, Polish International  Haiku Contest (2012)

deep summer
on the battlefield
cars for sale

Ito En (North America) New Haiku 2011 HM

my son and i                     
counting fireflies
counting stars

1st Place, Penumbra Haiku Contest 1999

the roses shift
into shadow

10th Kusamakura International Haiku Contest  Grand Prize (2005)

halloween twilight
again this year my son waits
alone by the door

1st Prize, Tokutomi Memorial Haiku Contest 2006

not hearing it
till the cat stirs

National League of American Pen Women International Poetry Contest 1997 Honorable Mention

all day long
i feel its weight
the unworn necklace

Pocket Change (Red Moon Press, 2000)

strawberry picking-
i stumble
over my past

The Heron's Nest Vol. 10, No. 1 March 2008

wish tree
"peace" hangs
by a thread

41st A-Bomb Memorial Haiku 2007;Kyoto Museum for World Peace Award



Johnny Baranski Reads A Selection Of His Haiku

plum blossoms the old man's toothless grin                      

Frogpond Vol. 36: 2, Spring/Summer 2013

Sappho's fragments
the moon tonight
not quite whole

Lilliput Review #191, Lilliput Broadside Autumn 2013

spring breeze...
the scent of cherry
tobacco pipe smoke                                                           

Honorable Mention USA Vancouver Cherry Blossom Haiku Invitational 2013

Palm Sunday
the cherry blossoms
have yet to fall

Haiku Registry Per Diem March 13, 2013

salt water taffy
on the promenade
a bitter wind

Kernels Summer 2013

cool breeze;
in her new summer frock
the woman's nipples

Frogpond Vol. 34: 3, Fall 2011

in ten summers
the convict's first visit

The Heron's Nest Vol. XIII, No. 4, December 2011

sunning itself on a river rock her string bikini                     

Modern Haiku 43.2, Summer 2012

long before I came
long after I leave
blossoming pear

Lilliput Review #191, Lilliput Broadside Autumn 2013

coming off the heat of your lips cool jazz                           

bottle rockets #28, February 2013

Nagasaki sunrise
their shadows tell
the story                                                               

Notes From The Gean 4:1, June 2012

predator drone the butterfly is yellow                                

Bones No. 3, December 2013

summer cabin
with only the roof to go --
first snow

First Snow, Teahouse Pamphlets 2003

labor day picnic worker ants                                              

Cherries on Top, NaHaiWriMo E-Book 2012

a walk-off home run
up and over
the prison wall

this world, HSA Members Anthology 2013

Indian Summer
the cicada's song
grows feeble

Cattails Premier Edition Winter 2013

mountain summit
how easily reached
by the autumn wind

Multiverses Spring 2012

between I Thou the windstorm's anarchy                          

Under The Basho Autumn 2013

leafless elm the wind takes a bough                                 

Frogpond Vol. 35, No. 3 Fall 2012

white supremacist
his obituary
doesn't mention it

Bones 2, June 15, 2013

'Round Midnight
a 5-7-5 haiku
so square

A Hundred Gourds 2:4, September 2013

      first snow
why it gets larger
   Mount Hood                                                                

Dragonfly a Quarterly of Haiku Vol. 7, No.4, 1979

my home
as the crow flies
just over that snowy peak

Dragonfly a Quarterly of Haiku Vol. 2, No. 2, 1983

off prison barbed wire
snow taking
the edge

Modern Haiku, 21:2, Summer 1990

Chaste Moon --
my virginity left
at the altar

Prune Juice Issue Ten July 2013

Don Baird Reads A Selection Of His Haiku


between pages memories pressed

each rose the wind leaves behind

powder across the pines across

dropping petals a rose leaves town

daydreaming how quickly my mind

shy moon —
a touch of you
in the mist

near the edge
the loneliness
of the moon . . .

warped bamboo —
an effigy turns

storm drain —
the vertical axis
of winter

into a leaf
winter turns

— an old bear;
slowly through the marsh
into the stars —

Don reads his haiku as selected by Dr. Richard Gilbert; In a Day, 2014, USC Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena, CA
Haiku — the Interior and Exterior of Being, Little Buddha Press, 2014


nagasaki . . .
in her belly, the sound
of unopened mail

HaikuNow, 2013, 1st Place

raining shadows . . .
the spring moon between

sacred spring . . .
leaves dazzle in the wind
of a bassoon

silence cracked;
the pine borrows
a crow's caw

whispering . . .
the butterfly's
unusual path

radiation . . .
the unexpected depth
of silence

shoreline . . .
the translucent sunset
of a child